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Warszawski Sznyt is really unusual place with two different restaurants offering unique menus and open kitchen on each floor.

The lower level of the restaurant represents relaxed atmosphere with international cuisine and its specialities served directly from wood-fired grill unique oven. The menu includes a wide selection of steaks, fish and seafood. En exposed cabinet for seasoned beef is a part of the interior design for steaks lovers on this floor. The offer is supplemented with a wide selection of breakfast menu sets served from the earliest hours in the morning.
On the first level of the restaurant a more elegant nature prevails with fine dining cuisine for tourists and individual guests. Interior design on this floor refers strictly to the interwar period. The menu includes modern Polish dishes with such specialities as: tartare of roe deer, veal and dried apricot dumplings in honey mustard sauce or venison served with buckwhite bolls and blackberry. This level of the restaurant opens for guests at lunchtime. Every morning is dedicated to closed meetings such as press release breakfasts or other business meetings.

We kindly invite you to taste the unique cuisine in Warszawski Sznyt.

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