About us

Warszawski Sznyt is a restaurant that combines two culinary concepts.

The two floors of the premises located just next to Plac Zamkowy offer a distinct menu, decor and atmosphere.

Lower part of the premises – The Steak House has a relaxed climate and the dishes served are based on the cuisine with delicacies coming directly from the special oak-fired grill.

Fresh fish and seafood are served in a classic form in addition to steaks, with classic toppings and sauces. Michał Węcławek, Deputy Chef responsible for the Ground Floor of  Warszawski Sznyt, fanatically attached to continuous improvement, does not compromise on quality. According to the philosophy of the restaurant, the strength of the model Steak House is to serve the classics in a masterly way.

The First Floor has a more elegant character with a mood referring to the interwar Warsaw climate.

You will discover a new edition of Polish cuisine on the menu, the concept of which is based on the use of modern techniques to extract even better, more intense flavour from Polish produce. The Chef - Rafał Zaręba - is responsible for the quality of the dishes and the new kitchen service, served on the first floor.

Steak House concept

The biggest weapon of cuisine and dishes prepared on the Ground Floor of the restaurant is an oak-fired grill and seasoned dry beef.

The selection of the right meat elements and proper seasoning adds to this uncompromising commitment to quality where we discover the secret of a smart steak house, whose strength is the serving of classic dishes, but in a masterly way.

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The Concept of Polish cuisine

The First Floor of the Warszawski Sznyt restaurant is dominated by a modern kind of Polish cuisine. Chef Raphael Zareba represents a new kind of Polish cuisine.

The flavours on which it is based come from old vegetable varieties, vinegars and ensilage which are set in the restaurant, and treasures of Polish forests. The innovative approach is to introduce culinary techniques unknown in the times when these dishes were created. Most meats are prepared using the sous vide method which means "in vacuo”. This technique enables us to achieve the best texture of meat while maintaining the nutritional value and natural taste to the greatest possible extent. The chef introduces flavours of lavender, juniper and bison grass in the form of powders, flavours and infusions into his dishes. He rediscovers the taste of marigold and pine. However, in the winter season, he finds interesting varieties of cereals, groats and legumes for his guests. In addition to modern culinary techniques practiced in the Warszawski Sznyt restaurant, you can also use native dishes such as Steak House smoking or pickling, has a relaxed character, and the dishes served are based on the kitchen with delicacies coming directly from the special oak-fired grill.

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